Mobility: Beam and MasterCard Ally to Reach 14 Million New Customers

Mobility Magazine: March 2013 Edition


Beam and MasterCard Ally to Reach 14 Million New Customers


At Mobile World Congress, MasterCard Worldwide, announced its collaboration with Beam, a revolutionary   mobile and electronic commerce wallet, to launch a first-of-its kind, low-cost, MasterCard mobile companion pre-paid card that will allow over 14 million mobile wallet consumers of Beam to transact at physical merchants, online and access ATMs.

Now, consumers in India can connect their existing mobile wallets to the world of MasterCard acceptance and electronic payments to pay utility bills, make fund transfers, book movie or travel tickets, and even withdraw money from ATMs as well as Beam franchisees. “Our collaboration with MasterCard Worldwide’s pre-paid card system enables us to offer our customers a unique product that fits their lifestyle and provides access to ATMs and card-transactions at merchants, further extending the reach of our Mobile Wallet to a wide range of cashless solutions and our endeavor to make Beam an aspired brand,” said Anand Srivastava, Chairman, Beam.


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