Railway ID Reactivation

As per new IRCTC policy implemented on 01 April 2014, agents information requires to be updated on IRCTC and Beam System. For the same, kindly follow the process:

1. Make sure you have been issued Digital Certificate from Beam and have provided the required documents and system IDs as given here.

2. Beam will upload your documents to IRCTC system. 

3. Once uploaded you will receive Email and Mobile OTP on the registered Email Address and Mobile number. Note that you will not be able to user services till you receive the OTPs.

4. Login to http://b2b.beam.co.in/rail with your FID and MPIN.

5. Click on Activation link on the left.

6. Enter your User ID (like WBEMXXX), Mobile OTP, Email OTP and click on REACTIVATE. Leave Password and Account Password blank.

7. You will receive confirmation on your Activation and you can now start Booking.

Incase you still face issues, please contact Beam Customer Care on 011-4121-0000 or missed call on 011-4121-0011 

Digital Certificate Check: We have implemented Digital Certificate check on url: https://b2b.beam.co.in/railtest which you should be able to open if the Certificate has been installed correctly. Please check as this will be implemented on main site shortly.


Some Errors and how to handle:

1. Invalid Sub-User Password: Login to Railway Module -> Activation -> Select Update Password(Sub-User), Enter Password and click on Update. This has been given in the Email OTP from IRCTC as Password.

2. Invalid Account Password: Login to Railway Module -> Activation -> Select Account Password, Enter Account Password and click on Update. This has been given in the Email OTP from IRCTC as Account Password.

3. Mobile OTP or Email OTP not received: Login to Railway Module -> Activation -> Enter WBEM ID (WBEMXXX) and click on Resend OTP-SMS or Resend OTP-Email as required.

4. No Details found for Certificate/Device ID: This indicates that your documents have not been approved by IRCTC. Kindly contact Beam Customer Care to get status of your document approval.

5. Certificate ID and System ID are not updated: Please contact Beam Customer Care to submit your details and get certificate. If already done, check status of update with IRCTC from Beam Customer Care.