Digital Certificate Installation

As per instructions from IRCTC no agent can access the Railway Booking portal without Digital Certificate. Here are some instructions to help you in installing/troubleshooting the same.

 1. Beam Railway Booking is available on It will not work with http.

2. Certificate should be installed correctly as per manual available here. You can download the Token software from here and follow on screen instructions.

3. Install Root certificate for 2011 Certificates here and for 2014 Certificates here. To check which one you need, refer to General tab when you open Certificate in View Certificates. For example, below certificate requires Root Certificate of 2014.

4. Make sure the USB token is inserted in USB port and blinking.

5. The password for certificate was enclosed in the CD case along with token. Default is 0000.

In Firefox, you require to install certificates separately in the browser. Instructions are given at the end. 


Kindly send the following details to incase you are still not able to access:

    a. Screenshot of error with Date /Time and complete URL of Beam Railway portal visible.

    b. Certificate details – Open Gemalta Application – View Certificates (Windows Start) – Click certificate and View. Send the following tabs screenshot:

       i. General 

       ii. Certification Path

You can also do Live Chat - Click here

Firefox Users require installation seperately as:

First you will need to export your certificate: Open Gemalta Application – View Certificates (Windows Start) – Click certificate and Export. Give a file name.

To import certificates, please go to the Preferences window, and click on the Advanced tab. Then click on the Encryption tab, and click the View Certificates button.

The Certificate Manager will appear. Select the Your Certificates tab and click the Import... button. A window will appear, letting you select the certificate from your computer. Once you do this, you may be required to enter a password to unlock your certificate. Type it, and you should be good to go :)