Change of Address

Now you can change your address/Corporate Name by sending hard copy of under mentioned documents. Procedure is as follows:-

1.There is an Admin fee of Rs 1,200/-of changing Address/Corporate Name. Same will be deducted from your account after receiving required documents to this office

2.Return your Original Authorization Certificate issued by Beam on behalf of IRCTC.

3.Hard copy of Address proof of changed address (telephone bill/water bill/electricity bill etc.)

4.PAN Card Copy self-attested.

5.Undertaking/Declaration form of RSP(sub agent) to download: Declaration for Change of Name & Address(IRCTC).docx (14.52 kb) 

6.An Affidavit on Rs. 10 Stamp paper in case of corporate/ individual name change with reason for the change of corporate name/Individual name. 

7.Certificate of Incorporation.

8.Send duly completed hard copy of all attachments along with DSC to this office on under mentioned address

Retail Business Division (ADD-IRCTC)
Beam Money Private Limited
D128-129, Okhla Phase I
New Delhi – 110 020
011 – 4121-0000

Note - The above documents require in hard copy for changing the address/corporate name 

9.Same will be changed through IRCTC within 15 working days after receiving your complete and correct documents.